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Onsite IT Support, It started back in 2004 when I was Studying Computing & Electronics in college years and  is always something I enjoy the most  . I have always been interested in computer software’s and always fascinated to try new programs and Operating Systems .So after my graduation I decided to enroll in Microsoft  Certified Professional Program my first job was  working as  a  Network Administrator . I was always on computer screen resolving software issue , deploy new programs but when we have hardware breakdowns  which involves   un screwing  & stripping down the whole system  that’s time I realized I need to get hands on practice on Hardware side and I went for Extensive Laptop , PC , Apple Mac hardware and Software workshops repair programs .

Since my Electronics education background it was easy and very interesting for me to learn how electronics components work together in computer and I was able to diagnose and rectify them on component level. I worked for 8 years for service centre where we serviced computers for all Brand Manufactures Include Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo and off course APPLE MAC.

I was amazed to know nearly 1 Million people look for a computer repair shop only alone in LONDON and working for service centre where we only services computers which are In Warranty products I always thought what about the rest of computer users who have devices not under warranty and makes me feel bad not able to recommend or providing a reliable place to take their devices for quality repair.

This is how I get the idea to start my repair centre which where our main focus is to provide customers Quality, Fast, Reliable with Unbeatable Prices with fastest delivery.